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“People heal from their pain when they have an authentic connection with another human being.”
Marshall B Rosenberg

About Weavers of Wellbeing

In telling them, we are telling each other the human story. Stories that touch us in this place of common humanness awaken us and weave us together as a family once again.
Rachel Naomi Remen – Kitchen Table Wisdom

We are all weaving wellbeing in unique ways – in and out of each other’s stories. Everyone on this magnificent planet is connected to the wider wellbeing of the whole. When our personal well of being runs dry it is likely that we are not in right relationship with ourselves, and lose connection with others and with flow and the juiciness of life in the moment.
Weavers of Wellbeing is here to help you reconnect with your true potential, empower you and enable authentic connection; as a therapeutic, wise, holding space. Working at the personal and the collective to celebrate the countless inspirational, open hearted people who wish to feel liberated to become their best selves, to know their potential and to feel more connectedness, vitality and peace in their lives. Together we share our stories and our humanity.
In finding ourselves and really stepping up to our own potential, we also light up our own sovereignty. In finding each other we can co-create commUNITY. Then we naturally want to reconnect with the wider web of life.

How I Work

Transition Coaching

My first question is often “are you ready?”  Are you truly ready to create a life of freedom and potential? Are you facing a big change? Do you need a safe space to express yourself freely? Do you feel the need to “spring clean” your life somehow? I gently witness and intuitively support you as this unfolds and empower you to make those changes.

This approach is ideal if you are feeling stuck and need to let go of patterns that no longer serve you. You may be a new parent struggling with the demands of parenthood without elders to guide you. You might be separated/recently divorced or bereaved. You might be on your own recovery journey from an abusive relationship or addiction. I work with a wide range of people, sometimes someone is leaving a long-standing relationship, job or retiring and wanting a new sense of purpose. To reconnect with their innate potential. To live a more easeful life. I also work with those experiencing a significant emotional, physical or mental health challenge.

Business Coaching

Frustrated with the toxic norm you live and work in? Deep down you know that there is a more meaningful way of living, for your life to unfold, than feeling depleted by the old patterns and ways of being. You have some amazing ideas backed up by unique experience and stories.  You might be frustrated or have a nagging sense that just won’t go away!

Wherever you are, you will feel called to create a more heart-centred, emergent, conscious business and you are aware that you need the intuitive support of a like-hearted, soul driven coach to explore ideas, to gently challenge and offer reflections.  I help visionary people by being your guide and cheer leader on your way to find your true calling.

Trauma Informed

We are living in a deeply traumatised world and it impacts us on so many levels. No-one is left unscathed. Fortunately, there are many paths to recovery. Working on the foundational themes of surviving, managing and thriving, I offer trauma informed research, development, consultancy and workshops underpinned by leading edge trauma research (Perinatal PTSD, PTSD and Complex PTSD); all grounded in individual, personal experiences.

I work with and deliver to local and central government, medical professionals, charities, businesses and individuals or community groups who want to become more trauma aware and get practical tools to prevent and manage the impacts for themselves and others. We all benefit from being more trauma informed. We can integrate this into the whole of our lives.


Do you have an idea or good cause that will benefit you and your community? I enable and facilitate conscious community gatherings and groups. Currently I support healthy menopause, women’s wellbeing and also trauma alchemy/storytelling for people in the recovery community.

I am experienced in project management, fund raising and organising sustainable community projects in collaboration with local GP’s, organisations such as Recovery Devon, Shekinah Mission and Action for Children and the wider Devon communities.

Who I help


Holding space for businesses to grow, be more conscious, trauma informed and self-managing. Working with managers, teams and individuals in the workplace as a helping witness to restore connection, vitality and balance individually and collectively.


All manner of social enterprises, charities, good causes and other collaborative and community organisations.

The curious

Those interested in the conscious healing and transformation of trauma, chronic tension and stress through groundbreaking, natural, creative, relational and embodied approaches.


Working with educators to consciously develop their teaching and ability to support students from a grounded, heart-centred, integrative space.


We are all doing our own work. By caring for ourselves, collaborating and supporting each other in authentic connection, we enable a particular kindness that helps us to compassionately hold and help others.


Gently helping parents pre- and post-natally with guidance/support on developing their own model of conscious parenting, perinatal mental wellbeing and a peer led birth story witnessing advisory service.

What people say

“Julie… being with you is like a feast. All of my senses and all the parts of my being are met.”

Kimberley Marshall

“Wellbeing4Performance makes me feel the need to spread the word and I am doing this!”

Donovan Seymour

“Weavers of Wellbeing came to school and spent time with year 4 making ‘Wesleys’ putting across the idea of wellbeing. This was done in a fun way and the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience.”

Balsall Common Primary School

“A soothing energy to be around.”
“You radiate a calming energy.”
“Incredibly generous and wise.”

Group Feedback

“We all really look forward to the workshops. They are the highlight of our weeks!”

All Champions at recent workshops

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