Please take a moment to read about the Ancient and Sacred Trees Community . I am a member and find the articles and offerings wonderful, uplifting and inspiring. This was founded by Amanda Claire Vesty who told me that her “intention is for it to be a resource of inspiration, love and beauty about trees and also trees as conduits and guardians of nature so that people can connect through them to our beautiful world”. Amanda also has her own, equally inspiring ethical art and soul gifts (and much more) website here. Amanda shared with me her belief that “Courting beauty is the rebellion and Love – the revolution“. A wise and resonant call to action, I feel.

For those of you who like to use Facebook, Britain’s Ancient and Sacred Trees is also a similarly uplifting experience which is at times much needed as we delve into the realms of social media. If you would like to see exquisite images, stories, folklore and postings from fellow tree lovers then please search for Britain’s Ancient and Sacred Trees group and ask to join. There are over 42,000 of us so you’ll be in good company! It really fills my cup up!

North Woods, Dartington. Singing to the trees…

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