This is a challenging and absolutely vital part of the life journey. Realising that the way we eat is getting in the way of tuning in to our own inner compass (often felt in the gut which has more intelligence than the mind!) and the channel to our higher levels. Any and all of the advice other people give you might work. Or not… because we are all limited editions and uniquely designed and gifted. We need to look after our own bodies and only consume what we feel works for our body type and that supports the body’s elemental make up (the land of “me” is just like the land we live on – it needs the right kind of nourishment and support to grow healthily). The saying “remember the earth whose skin you are (Joy Harjo) comes to mind here.

Firstly, take a look at whether you are eating as a result of a trauma related emotional flashback and if so lovingly and compassionately work with the flashback.  Here’s Richard Grannon’s “How to stop an emotional flashback” e-book which has lots of useful ideas and information from Pete Walker whose work around trauma I also love and value. Take it gently. Get help and support if necessary. This is something I can support wearing my health and trauma coach “hat”. Ask friends and family to be your cheer leaders. Then it might be a case of experimenting to find out what works for you food wise.  You might find intermittent fasting works. Energy test food if you can.

High vibe food is absolutely key regardless. For all of us. Eating high vibe food connects us to the information, light and frequencies contained in the food. Everything has a frequency/vibration. If food and drinks are highly processed (and most likely manufactured by Big Food) and the elementals, plants or animals simply used as fuel and resources and the soil dishonoured, then when we consume this kind of food we are literally absorbing all of the energies around those processes. So if you can, look for producers and suppliers who really care about other beings, the earth and look after their people too. These producers will have deep compassion and respect and look upon themselves as stewards and protectors of the land. These farmers and producers are most likely organic and local. You might also forage or grow your own. Find gleaning schemes where people have allotments and surplus fruit and veg they want to share and pay forward. Be creative!

Conscious eating in this way is a universal need so that we reconnect with our food and to start to re-member… For me, if humanity approached themselves, the elementals, nature spirits, plant and animal kingdoms and all other beings compassionately and in reverence, ate affordable high vibe, local, organic, foraged and home grown food then we could together heal much more quickly from the dominant kill or be killed/domination paradigm.

High Vibe ideas… this was an amazing Vegetarian salad in a local social enterprise cafe… raw slaw, cauliflower, broccoli and ginger with sesame, summer cabbage salad with sesame, pumpkin and sunflower seeds. I still eat a little dairy so I added some halloumi for the fat and salt content.

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