All my pain departs on listening to my precious heart centre… What serves me best is anchoring unconditional Love, divine, pure Love-Light , neutrality and divine feminine wisdom.

It is something we all crave.  Unconditional divine love. The sense of being held in the feathered arms of the Beloved.  Bathed in a waterfall of unconditional love.  Loved by a sacred other who has your back, who has been present with you at the lowest ebbs and still passes no judgements. Who loves you “in spite of”. Loved by someone who sees you for all that you are and particularly all that you are not.  So many people I encounter in “traditional” marriages and partnerships don’t believe that unconditional loving of each other is possible.  Perhaps because there are “deal breaker” clauses.  True, in romantic relationships there can be many irreconcilable differences that may stem from our lineage or our own personal traumas. These are also boundaries. For example, when one wants a child and the partner does not. There’s no judgement needed here. This is a choice that needs to be expressed and discussed. These kinds of choices are likely to be in that person’s soul plan for this lifetime. For me, I am a relentlessly hopeful fragile human being who believes that in any kind of relationship (and let’s face it we are in relationship all the time in one way or another) we need this kind of love at the core.  Love.  Trust.  Respect.  Complementariness. This is not the superficial.  This is loving each other radically, fiercely and loving each other more in spite of our character/personality traits and imperfections.  It is a call for neutrality and loving more when someone’s behaviour (particularly our own!) is undesirable.  When we might make less than wise choices.  When we are thoughtless or absent. It is a love that is there regardless.  Foundational.  Rooted for us even if it doesn’t feel reciprocal. It is radically loving beyond reciprocity and that includes the same kind of radical love and compassion for ourselves in that process.

When we shed the first layers in a relationship, we witness ourselves in our real humanness, our brokenness, our vulnerabilities, our inconsistencies and the things for which our human still has some kind of trigger/charge that is echoing from the past.  It can be a painful process that is even more painful, I believe, when our partner is not conscious as they are not capable of holding us in that unconditionally loving embrace – no judgment here, it’s just that they are not ready to meet us. Not able to “stand in the fire” together and meet whatever is arising in the relationship. Our true beingness gradually emerges to be “seen” and this takes time as initially we don’t want to burden each other or perhaps scare each other by revealing too much too soon. Yet it absolutely needs to happen.  Particularly if we are soul mated and have an etheric entanglement, interpenetration and multidimensional connectedness.  There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. There is so much to be said, however, for “loving and being loved… no matter what”.  There is no such thing as a perfect partner. There’s that saying… that people and experiences come into our lives “for a reason, a season, or a lifetime”. The portal is also each other. We’re here to assist each other in getting closer to expressing our true giftedness and what we are here to do in service to life.

Those in what Andrew Harvey and Chris Saade call “evolutionary love relationships” (where two beings, united in passion can go out and become sacred activists and dedicate their inner and outer resources to helping the rest of life) are not without imperfections and blindspots either.  It’s all an inside job. An alchemical sacred marriage within.  That comes first.  The balancing of the polarity of energies. This requires a deep trusting of the process and acceptance.  It may even lead to a letting go in love and this can, at the time it occurs, be excruciating and at the very least feel like it is a huge growth edge, a purging, a painful stuckness of flow and stumbling blocks as we strive to get out of the mud and towards the light. It often, in my experience, serves as a catapulting of that person into a whole new dimensional trajectory if that person can consciously choose to surrender to grace.

What we know increasingly is that there is no separation. This has been the human evolutionary journey. To feel and experience that separation. Whatever that stuckness the other is experiencing is also my stuckness.  We are all inseparable from each other, all the kingdoms, Gaia and the Cosmos. We are One. It is a deep, sacred and profound truth that each and every one of us is interrelated, interconnected and interdependent.  With every i and out breath we take it serves as a reminder. There is an intuitive and intimate reminder that it is impossible for us to harm any other person or part of life without our negative behaviour reflecting back and harming us. As above, so below, as within so without. You are me.  I am You.  We are One. Interpenetrating each other and the rest of life at every level. Inside Out. Outside In. We are witnessing this fractalisation all too acutely at the personal, in community and at the collective. We witness each moment the chaotic environment playing out at the macro.  We are all on the so-called ascension elevator. The old Earth is fading away and the whole of the Earth and all life is in ascension whether conscious of it or not. There is a reunification and a realignment with the highest potential and we are ascending into the frequency of the Divine Mother’s Unconditional Love.  Into what many describe as the Divine Christed Light, Cosmic Oneness, Unity Consciousness. For me it is a time to have a deep humility and reverence for choosing to be here now at what feels like a momentous time for our species.  Embodying something new; it is both initiation and consecration. A painful passage of the birthing of a new earth.  Of resurrection.

For me personally as a wayshower and coach, it is an invitation to fulfil my soul’s purpose and reason for being and to show up in service to humanity as a beacon of light and love.  To be an open, clear portal through which the full spectrum of love and light flows.  My soul’s work is liberation. For myself and for others. It is to support other people in their evolution.  To free themselves from the shackles and chains of this dense 3D matrix dense existence and help them to be their best, highest vibrational version of themselves.  I am uniquely able to see beyond current struggles, stuckness, limitations and patterns that keep them locked in certain behaviours. I help people to realise all that they are and their potential.

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