Shamanism is one of the oldest healing practices on the planet. In the UK, we are at the start of a resurgence and a remembrance. We are reconnecting with our own indigenous roots and once again embracing our ancient, proven healing skills and our druidic and celtic origins. I have, since I was a little one, had a profound connection with the natural world, with other beings in the non-physical world and the mytho-poetic, psycho-spiritual approaches to the human experience.

Having completed an apprenticeship in Ancient Ways (Divine Feminine) Shamanic practices with the wonderful Suzi Crockford , I am now excited to introduce my new offerings including:

  • Shamanic consultations in relation to workplace health and wellbeing, land, buildings and restoration projects
  • One to one in-person or video call shamanic healing sessions
  • Journeying on your life questions
  • Guided journeys, advice and guidance for you to reconnect with your own power animal and helping allies
  • Divinatory and Oracular readings including the magical Lemurian Starchild oracle; The Enchantment pack and Wild Wood tarot.
  • Shamanic healing walks by the ocean and in local woodlands
  • Healing with trees
  • Meta language/light language healing

For more information about any of these offerings, paying what you can afford and anything else, please get in touch.

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