Welcome. Glad you could join me. This is quite a lengthy post!

People have been asking me recently about what it is to receive the gift of light language. This is my first post about what it feels like for me, how it arises and how light language has the potential to assist and be of service to all inhabitants of this wondrous planet. I want to bring this more into the services I offer as when spoken or used in ceremony, light language can create, bring an answer, message, blessings, healing or dissolving of dense, dulling energies as a response to an invocation or an intention that a person has requested for their highest and best good. It can shift energy fast.  It feels uplifting, nourishing, resonant and very, very familiar. I’ll elaborate on this later in this post; suffice to say that we are connecting directly at the soul level though not intrusively. There is a fundamental need to highlight here that this speaks individually to each and every one of us and we will only absorb, assimilate and integrate exactly what we need when we are receiving light encoded language. Our highest expressions of ourselves are the moderators, if you like. For example, this post is pure light encoded to assist you on your journey and you and the highest expressions of you and you alone will (quite imperceptibly) be the arbiter of how little or how much you absorb at any given time taking just the right amount to assist you in this now moment to re-ground, re-balance, harmonise and re-calibrate.

I invite you to take a moment just to sit with that as a concept. That we are, in each and every moment, choosing to take just what we need and no more, no less. This is extraordinary and so rare in the present day dominant paradigm where our nervous systems are bombarded constantly with information – much of which we simply don’t want or need.

When there is less intensity then there is less density.

If there was ever a loving language full of deep wisdom this is it.

Light language first started to emerge through me in February 2019 when a beautiful and gifted friend shared it with me. Since then it has felt like a home coming; a reunion with my true self as it feels like it is speaking directly from my soul and through my heart. As if my soul and all its physical incarnations have stored in a special library every sound that has been assimilated, heard or spoken. Every earthly vibration. Every octave. Every reverberation. So light language feels to be a very sacred, pure form of sound and vibration. It could be and is mistaken for random babbling and I and others who express in this way can find the mind wanting to somehow put it in a box and label it (saying “ooh that sounds like spanish, russian, xhosa, feels shamanic” etc). Whilst it could very well have flavours of all and any of our spoken, native languages and those we have spoken in past lives; it seems to me that this is a truly universal, unifying language of the heart and soul that transcends all kinds of barriers that we humans have created for ourselves. We all have the capacity to connect with the heart and soul and simply need to remember that this is a highly sophisticated form of connecting and communicating that goes way beyond the rational mind; transcends the mechanical and is considerably more etheric in nature. There will be a right time for each of us.

What light language asks of us is for a readiness to move into our loving heart space and express our unique multi-dimensional aspect of divinity and gifts in everyday life.

Usually, when we speak in our native language we are communicating psyche to psyche/brain to brain.  Everything that is happening is happening in the realm of the imagination.  When I utter a word, I create it in my imagination and then communicate it to you. We learn, as we grow up, to understand these funny noises and we can assemble them quickly into a pattern and make meaning out of them.  We come to recognise words and symbols associated with them. A common language of understanding arises.

The ability to communicate with Source and integrate the frequencies that bypass any potential interference from the programmed, logical left dominant brain processing can be very helpful and I do this by becoming a conduit or, as we say in shamanic practice, a hollow bone or channel to receive and transmit from the Divine. This is way beyond the mind and rational reasoning.  Thankfully! 😉

You might have come across other terms for this language. In shamanic circles it is also known as meta language; in others you might hear of galactic language, star language, elemental language, prayer language, speaking in tongues, cosmic language or angelic language. It is our birth right as sovereign beings to have a connection to the Divine or whatever term feels comfortable for you for God, the One and the Infinite Source of all.  Many of us can and have had direct experiences of our Divine selves though this may not necessarily be something we feel we can chat about in public or over cuppa with family and friends. In fact, many people I have met are relieved when they find out that what they thought was something weird (speaking and expressing in this way) is actually quite the opposite. They find it arises and feel a need to keep it a secret!  Or to insist that it is only for the “chosen ones” who have a particular religious calling. Not so. What a gift to be able to receive this! The more we speak and express in this way the more it develops and the more we understand the nuances of it. We simply need to keep allowing it to emerge.

We all have the ability to speak from our soul to another.  One heart to another. Being to being. Have you ever talked to plants or felt an intuitive sense that a plant, tree, rock, bird, animal or other being has a message for you? Then you became aware of how your rational mind stepped in and told you that that is simply not possible? Well we do have the ability for interspecies communication. There are elemental languages being transmitted and received too. We are all related. Evolved and made from the same stuff. It is just that we have forgotten that we have this ability and we are gradually remembering. We are also receiving and remembering etheric energies and thought forms from other star systems. The frequencies of light language bring in crystalline clearing and transformative energies that help with spiritual activation, calibrating to shifts in consciousness, facilitating the unlocking of codes to activate crystalline DNA light body restructuring, getting information/guidance and the like. It connects us to our higher (you might prefer the word “original“) expressions where we can be shown a better understanding of our “multi-dimensional” and imaginal realm experiences. This initiation and transformation require a re-configuring and re-programming of the DNA that will result in a molecular reconstruction of the body. Light language is a sacred vibrational tool that can support us do this at our own unique pace. As it uses sound, light, pulses, reverberations, movement, art, symbols and other healing frequencies, light language is able to work with quantum levels of energy.

It is a God given gift that we can claim – when the time is right. Light is information that contains the codes of creation. Sacred geometry is the foundational structure for art, science, music, and architecture. Its subtle images, codes and shapes are found in DNA, crystals, cellular structures, atoms, pyramids, mandalas and symbols/hieroglyphs. The language of light is sacred geometry produced by vibration. Light Language transmits messages directly to the soul and is a powerful sacred gift that gives purposeful expression of love from Source consciousness. We can also light encode what we write and communicate through our services and offerings to the world.

Guided elemental light language, crystal tones, drumming and songs in ceremony can help to liberate the spirits of these three beautiful tree beings that can be found near Cockington. Devon.

The light language that is expressed through this channel is coming through in different dialects, accents and flavours if you like so that I can work with people of different origins and other beings. I am expressing words, chants, frequencies, clicks, pulses, tones and song. In this way all the traditional language barriers fall away and we are able to speak soul to soul, being to being and that creates unity and communion.  Some of us are also able to speak more earth based light languages and I am particularly attuned to transmit to people, trees and the spirit of the Earth and the local land. I work with all kinds of trees as they are such powerful social and community beings. Super collaborators through the “Wood Wide Web” as was coined by Dr Suzanne Simard. Knowing that trees are able to communicate by means of olfactory, visual and electrical frequencies it follows that the elemental light language transmitted is being received by them. When trees are weakened in some way, they potentially lose their innate “conversational” ability to defend themselves so communicating with trees and the adjacent land can support them to recover, strengthen them and release them from where there is perhaps a local/historic reputation that there is a negative, binding, debilitating energy present. I am particularly guided to work with damaged trees (like the photo below of an old Lime tree that fell in the recent storms), the Yew and Cedars, though any trees, groves or woodland areas that have become “distressed” by interference with the land; misuse or lack of conscious stewardship of the land or adjacent housing/buildings are calling me to offer them elemental light language uniquely attuned to the trees and the land near by. It is a guided sacred healing ceremony to restore and liberate their energies that have been held back. Each utterance is a line in an elemental prayer in the moment and is a direct communication.

Lime tree/Linden tree that fell in a recent storm and had limbs removed. I can’t imagine how it feels to have limbs amputated without a loving and compassionate approach. This tree is still very much alive. It is time for humans to be stewards and protectors once again.

I invite you to please get in touch if, when reading this post, you get an insight about a particular location where there are trees and/or adjacent in need of care and support as is described here – in the spirit of the interconnectedness of all things. Similarly, do you or do you know someone who has an interest/passion to work with trees and might be interested in researching this way of communicating? I’d love to collaborate!

Call me on 07976 646392 or email julie@weaversofwellbeing.com with any relevant information and a little local historical context. Thank you and bless you.

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