I had the opportunity to work with Charles a few years ago – just after he had written “A more beautiful world our hearts know is possible”.  It deeply and profoundly changed a lot of my thinking and feeling about our world.  We talked of miracles.  We talked of these as glimpses of future potential and possibility (regardless of what our rational minds say) and he touches upon that in this lovely interview which has him totally in the flow and where he describes almost perfectly my world view also – though he does this in a more eloquent way than I.


He talks also about our connection with not just each other – also with place and with other creatures. Having now completed my Ancient Ways apprenticeship what he talks about is both aligned with and foundational to my way of being and way of working. I can offer what I am choosing to call a range of New Ancient Ways of healing rooted in ritual, ceremony and the relational connectedness and indivisibility of all things.  If you are interested in this please get in touch.

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