Business Coaching

I help you find a heartfelt way to work.

Do you wish you worked for more than just a paycheck?

Are you uncomfortable with the impact your work has on the environment or community?

Do you feel your work fails to feed your soul?

Do you want to work in a more heartfelt way that still pays the bills?

Many of us (me included!) have felt the need to escape from the treadmill of office based work in an engineered and constructed environment. Nagged by the sense that there has to be something more than the emptiness and desolation of corporate and government sector ‘life’ that so often feels like little more than an endurance test.

It seems that within our dominant (now waning) culture there is a desirable and successful way of being – at least from a monetary perspective. However, many of us feel undernourished and undervalued in our work and this spills over into every other area of our lives and relationships. Somewhere, lost deep in our engineered, micromanaged world, covered by a range of distorted masks, are talented and gifted parts of us that would love to be welcomed back and come out to play!

So far I am guessing that like me, you might have felt like a lone voice – isolated and confused, deep down knowing that you can’t do this all by yourself.  I hear you.  Your family and friends might be concerned and you are feeling like you are in the space between the stories and teetering on the edge… of either oblivion or opportunity.  It is a scary place to be. To embrace those creative parts of us that are ready to take a leap with one of our amazing, inspiring ideas and  perhaps create a business that is its very own, independent ecosystem and whose purpose is for good means we need help from others who share our overarching vision and understand our ‘why’ as Simon Sinek says.

Reflecting on Frederic Laloux’s vision (in his book Reinventing Organisations) for Teal businesses, I  too want my  business to have conscious, caring, self-managing and evolutionary practices that dovetail with a compassionate approach to living, trading and being in the world.  I also want to work with other ethical, conscious business leaders who are passionate about transforming the way we work and to weave in authenticity and congruence into the way we offer our products and services.  When we gather together it feels like a communion of like minded, heart centred people who want to gently disrupt the old ways of working for good and for the good of the many.

As your business coach, I help you to welcome back those fragmented parts of you and to tap back in to your innate, albeit buried, gifts.  This includes mindful mentoring and intuitive support for you to unlock the answers you already have within you and along the way to reconnect and remember the gifts that you cast away.  My clients have described my work as if I am an instrument that can tune in to their needs and that can hear and play back to them the nuanced melodies of the kind of work that makes their heart and voice truly sing. I bridge the old and new by  embracing a mix of traditional approaches and ancient wisdom practices, so that together we work on your ‘twin trail’ of the inner and outer journey moving towards re-enchantment, wholeness, a feeling of right relationship with the whole of life and your unique path to visionary business transformation and personal growth.

I'd love to meet and chat

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