Community Coaching and Facilitation

Move from ‘the way it’s always been’ to the way you want it.

We still cling to the myth of the nuclear family and yet that is not how humans thrive or survive! In so many places, I hear about the profound need for more ways to connect, gather and co-operate. For a renaissance of safely held community-based living and working. We live in a paradoxical overly engineered, power over culture where many of us appear to be technologically well connected and yet have also become disconnected with our bodies and emotions, each other and the wider community.

I have designed and facilitated a wide range of sustainable (often peer-led – i.e. power for) community groups, events, workshops, training programmes and created community interest companies. Quoting Finley Peter Dunne, I “comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable”. I ask the unaskable questions and gently disrupt dogma and the notion that “this is the way we do things around here”.

I have been a Trustee on several Boards and a Progression Mentor with the Prince’s Trust. I offer support for all kinds of formal and informal voluntary and community groups and embryonic community enterprises. With the ability to see opportunities for innovation and connection that challenge old and outdated business models, I offer integrative interim management and consultancy and act as a bridge for like-hearted entrepreneurs and visionaries who want to create new paradigm, emergent, integrative, ethical, evolutionary and community-based partnerships and collaborations.

To see some of the community events I am currently facilitating, please visit my Events page.

I'd love to meet and chat

Feel free to arrange a call or meet up for a 20 minute free consultation to see if we can sail together.

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