Transition Coaching

I help support you with transitions and life challenges.

Is your life a shipwreck or a dreamboat?

Do you feel as if your boat is sinking?

Are you trying to plug the holes?

Can you confidently swim out of troubled waters?

Are you following your inner compass?

Or are you simply taken aback by my use of nautical phrases? 🙂

Khalil Gibran once said “Your reason and your passion are your rudder and sails of your seafaring soul, if either your sails or your rudder be broken, you can but toss and drift, or else be held at a standstill in mid-seas. For reason, ruling alone, is a force confining; and passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction.”
Wherever we think we are right now, what many of us want is to find wind in our sails every day and to know we have a reliable rudder! We want to be able to steer our chosen craft, know our direction and have a safe harbour to go to and to moor up in our chosen port.
Imagine, for a minute, that your body is a boat.  Is it soundly built and do you maintain it well?  Does it have the resilience to cope with choppier waters and the tides of change?  How do you feel about having some extra navigational guidance on deck to steady the ship and make the most of your life transitions, both planned and unexpected?

Being in transition is a time when our sense of identity can be lost for a while,  as well as being a wonderful opportunity for growth.  Parenthood, empty nests, menopause, changing career, divorce, retirement, elderhood, bereavement are all life events that tend to create a need for self awareness and reflection.

At times we find that unwanted objects, life wounds and trauma can get wrapped around our rudders. We have an opportunity now for some deep sea diving to investigate these blockages. For those who feel ready to heal themselves and move away from suffering, we can release ourselves from these constraints.  It is often a question of whether it is the right time on our personal journey.

Staying afloat and managing ever changing weather, a sea of emotional states, navigating the ebbing and flowing of relationships – often beyond our control – requires a high degree of present moment awareness. Even adjusting to the ongoing practical challenges of ordinary life in seemingly calmer waters requires us to feel confident in our ability to reflect, to make meaning and to manage our emotions.

When we are traumatised it is challenging for us to stay present.  As Peter Levine points out “part of the dynamic of trauma is that it cuts us off from our internal experience as a way of protecting our organisms from sensations and emotions that could be overwhelming“.  Learning to use the felt sense is like the ever changing flow of the ocean. A sea of experiences and sensations to which we pay attention. This gentle approach can loosen trauma’s grip on us and helps us to feel more safe and grounded in our own skin.

“Our bodies and our feelings are like water flowing into water. We learn to swim within the energies of the senses”.  Tarthang Tulku.

Being your own skipper is about being authentic, having clearly defined and healthy boundaries and keeping yourself safe. A chart for the voyage is a useful place from which to navigate the journey. Ask yourself – Where am I now, how do I want to be and where do I intend to go?  Are my expectations realistic?  Am I aware of my core conditioning and wounding? How do I feel about still waters and calm seas?  Can I make space for my own self-care?  What might that feel like?  What inspires me and what is important to me?

A chart for the voyage is your guide. An insightful narrative, written by those who have been here before.  Some territories are charted and some are waiting for you to  discover them  – however the internal voyage, within the “sea of me”, is uniquely yours and yours alone.

People I work with say they love the way I help them with  widening their “peripheral vision”,  our walks and shared experiences by the ocean. I am deeply grateful to be able to live where I do immersed in nature’s abundance and beauty.  I can support you remotely, in person if you are on holiday or live nearby or you long to escape from the constructed environment and take time to experience for yourself the simple and exquisite healing powers of being by the sea.  I offer intuitive, insightful transition coaching and mentoring to support and guide you to have a truly meaning filled journey. Create your very own symphony in the sails, lingering moments of joy and explorations into what success means for you in this life.

Working with me you might also venture into some uncharted territory and you will be held in a safe place from which to explore all that unfolds.

We prepare for our voyage gently, step by step (one waypoint at a time). I support you with some key pillars for wellbeing and sustainable self regulating tools and knowledge to help you to work with your mind/body.

Ready to release yourself from the shackles that hold you and to weigh anchor? Your horizons await!

I'd love to meet and chat

Feel free to arrange a call or meet up for a 20 minute free consultation to see if we can sail together.

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