Trauma Informed Coaching

Understand trauma, and therefore the people around you, more deeply.

A dear teacher of mine reminded me of that Zen saying “ The way a person does one thing is the way they do everything”. This, for me, applies to being trauma informed.  A more trauma informed world, a world in which trauma informs everything we do, is kinder, more understanding and compassionate.  At home, at work, in the community, in business, in government, in health and other services.  If we become more aware and informed about ourselves, our lineage, our history, our trauma and our stories, then we can really be the change…
In Trauma Informed workshops, I gently and safely hold a space and shine a light on all kinds of early and adult trauma and explore how this shows up psychologically, emotionally and physically. When we compassionately remember our early adversity and trauma we reconnect with that part of ourselves that was lost.  Some of the most traumatised individuals I know pull a face at the mere mention of the word… because they can only associate trauma with war, injury and returning army soldiers or survivors of physical or sexual abuse.  Whilst those are traumatic experiences, there are also insidious and deeply nuanced toxic stressors such as shame that put a person into a trauma response, leaving them incapacitated to the point of complex post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). All these (and more) can create a trauma response in our bodies in the early years and potentially can place a young child in state of high alert that has echoes of near death experiences:
  • Birth trauma/high levels of obstetric intervention during delivery/NDE/resuscitation
  • Premature birth or situations where the baby is in isolation (from parent) and in an incubator.
  • Childhood illnesses, operations and/or being hospitalised and restrained for treatment.
  • Caregivers who are unwell/depressed/not present (i.e. traumatised themselves) and not able to provide the appropriate care for a growing baby or young child.
  • Lack of safety in the home environment (punishment, abusive behaviours and neglect, scarcity of love, food, shelter, being left without a carer for long periods of time).
  • High expectations placed upon a child to the extent that they feel ashamed of their (lack of) ability, intellectual or physical development.
  • Chronic suppression of emotions and the authoritarian ‘children should be seen and not heard’ and ‘big boys don’t cry’ parenting style.
  • Picked on by teachers, bullied at school, gaslighted/bullied by siblings.
These experiences can then become fixed patterns and have a “daisy chain” effect throughout our lives.  Ever wondered why you feel that you have times when just about everything that could go wrong does?  There will be underlying, unconscious patterns somewhere in your inner well of being.

During the workshops, we work together to authentically and non-clinically share ways to actively “listen” to trauma and how to meet and manage our own trauma and spot trauma in others including awareness of shock trauma. We explore how to best support ourselves and others with some trauma sensitive, tried and tested resources and practices. 

In becoming more trauma informed about ourselves, we start to become more aware of our bodies, our emotions and sensations and we feel more empathy and connection both within and without.  There can be some growth pains here too because instead of numbing out we start to feel the pain of the original trauma and once we start listening we can find ourselves needing to move away from toxic relationships and friendships that no longer serve us.  The work is just beginning as this is where the integration of trauma and deep healing and growth can occur.  We gently, step by step, shift from surviving to thriving and evolving.

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